Musical Improv

“Musical Improv” describes a type of improvisational comedy where the performers create songs on the spot. It involves spontaneous singing, music, and lyrics created on the spot, often intentionally funny combining elements of comedy and theater. The musicians and comedians showcase a unique musical each time they take the stage. All songs are created based on suggestions from the audience, showing that it’s unrehearsed and unplanned with off-the-cuff melodies and lyrics.

Baltimore Musical Improv Meetup

A free event where we all learn about musical improv. The goal is that this becomes a space that we build together. You, too, can contribute any games you want to lead, have ideas to build and expand the meetup group, etc.

Bad Karaoke Experience:

We’re an independent Baltimore musical improv team. We make improvised musicals. 

Musical Improv Resources

Baltimore Improv SHOW VENUES

Highwire Improv

Nonprofit producers of improv show that take place all around the city. They also have classes and shows and a Wednesday jam.

The Lou Costello Room

Hampden venue on the Avenue hosts improv and standup. It’s upstairs of Zissimos bar. 

Baltimore Improv Group

Baltimore Improv theater, with shows and classes in Station North, next to the Charles theater and north of the train station.