Bad Karaoke Experience presents:

Musical Improv and Instant Songwriting with Highwire Improv in Baltimore

Event Date: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 2024 FROM 7 to 9 PM

Create brand-new songs instantly! In this meetup, you’ll learn and play musical improv games. No music background or improv experience is necessary. Line by line, let’s build songs in the moment at the speed of fun.

Free. Hosted by Highwire Improv and musical improv team Bad Karaoke Experience. Learn more about us at

5802 Roland Ave. · Baltimore, MD

Parking: $3 at the lot across the street if you say you are there for the theater.

Accessibility: Wheelchair ramp access and priority wheelchair space in theater.

Learn how to improvise songs. Join our Baltimore Musical Improv Meetup.

Baltimore Musical Improv

Music is for everyone! In the events of this meetup, we’ll work together as a team to create comedic, emotional and inspiring songs.

Making up songs in the moment forms the core of musical improv. Our free instant songwriting workshops focus on song structure, lyric creation, emotional content, choreography, and rhyming.